North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Seeding Index

Teams will only appear if tournament results have been submitted by the tournament director.
If anything posted below is not accurate, first contact the tournament director
to get event results corrected, second contact Vstar.

16 and Under, Pre-season
1Skyline 16 RoyalG16SKYLN1NT99.031
2TAV 16 BlackG16TXADV1NT98.028
3Madfrog 16N GreenG16FROGS1NT97.887
4EXCEL 16 National RedG16EXCEL1NT96.433
5DN 16 RedG16DRIVE1NT96.292
61United 16N BlueG161UNVB1NT96.255
7Arete 16 Navy TelosG16ARETE1NT95.558
8Integrity 16 Intense BlueG16INTEG1NT95.116
9Skyline 16 BlackG16SKYLN2NT94.525
10TAV 16 BlueG16TXADV2NT94.014
11DN 16 BlackG16DRIVE2NT93.984
12NRG 16 AMPD NavyG16NRGVC1NT93.717
13FWFIRE 161PG16FWFIR1NT93.582
141United 16N WhiteG161UNVB2NT93.216
15Madfrog 16N BlackG16FROGS2NT93.207
16Madfrog 16N WhiteG16FROGS3NT92.487
17Flyers 16 USA-JoseG16FRFLY2NT92.185
18FH 16 Ikaika-MicheleG16FIELD1NT91.521
19FH 16 Ikaika-MarcusG16FIELD2NT91.488
20EXCEL 16 National WhiteG16EXCEL2NT91.260
21Tejas VBC 16 BlackG16TEJAS1NT91.140
22CTV 16 Elite ChristyG16CTVVB1NT90.599
23Premier 16 BlackG16PREMR1NT90.488
24Madfrog 16E GreenG16FROGS4NT89.678
25Instinct 16 WIld GoldG16INSTN1NT89.648
26Tejas VBC 16 Black ShelbyG16TEJAS2NT89.293
27Arete 16 Navy EthosG16ARETE2NT89.008
28Elevate 16 BlueG16COTTN1NT88.221
29TAV S Burleson 16 RoyalG16TXADV8NT87.084
30WC-16 EliteG16WCREW1NT87.068
31Image 16 BlackG16TXIMG1NT87.046
32EMV 16 National BlackG16EAGMT1NT85.818
33TAV South 16 RoyalG16TXADV4NT85.251
34Summit 16 National BlueG16DSUMM1NT84.797
35Arsenal 16 GoldG16DAVBC1NT84.552
36EXCEL 16 National BlueG16EXCEL3NT84.210
37No Limits 16 BlackG16NLVBC1NT83.527
38Premier 16 CrimsonG16PREMR2NT83.387
39UEPA 16DG16UNTOU1NT82.967
40Skyline 16 WhiteG16SKYLN3NT82.863
41360 16 Kaos BlackG16SIXTY1NT81.938
42CTV 16 Elite DiegoG16CTVVB2NT81.207
43Arete 16 NavyG16ARETE3NT81.073
44Summit 16 National RedG16DSUMM2NT80.320
45Victory 16 Elite BlackG16VCTRY1NT79.888
46TAV South 16 WhiteG16TXADV5NT79.727
47Tejas VBC 16 Red JuliaG16TEJAS3NT79.675
48ETA1 16 BlackG16ETA1V1NT78.954
491United 16N BlackG161UNVB3NT78.920
50iCrush 16 BlackG16INCRU1NT78.579
51TAV 16 GoldG16TXADV3NT78.545
52NRG 16 AMPD WhiteG16NRGVC2NT78.031
53Elevate 16 SilverG16COTTN2NT77.956
54NRG 16 AMPD BlueG16NRGVC3NT77.858
55LVA 16 EliteG16LUNVA1NT77.606
56Flyers 16 USA-CharlesG16FRFLY3NT77.562
57Peak 16 Black JasmineG16PEVBA1NT76.995
58Windthorst 16 ShayleeG16WINDT1NT76.963
59Madfrog 16E BlackG16FROGS5NT76.958
60DIG 16 BlackG16DIGVB3NT76.458
61CSA 16 RoyalG16CLUSA1NT75.458
62FH 16 Ikaika-Megan MG16FIELD3NT75.303
63CTV 16 Elite TatumG16CTVVB3NT75.085
64EXCEL 16N Red BoysB16EXCEL1NT75.029
65Premier 16 RedG16PREMR3NT74.921
66360 16 Kaos WhiteG16SIXTY3NT74.704
67FWFIRE 162PG16FWFIR2NT74.685
68Image 16 RedG16TXIMG2NT74.147
69Skyline 16 Silver CarrieG16SKYLN4NT73.960
70PC Elite 16G16PCEVB1NT73.764
71Flyers 16 USA-BrianG16FRFLY1NT73.725
72Storm 16N WhiteG16STORM1NT73.654
73Allegiant 16 BlueG16ALLEG1NT73.312
74SLAM 16 PurpleG16SLAMV2NT73.291
75Arete 16 Steel EthosG16ARETE4NT73.233
76SLAM 16 BlackG16SLAMV1NT73.176
771United 16Elite BlueG161UNVB4NT72.979
78UEPA 16GG16UNTOU2NT72.738
79Victory 16 Elite GreenG16VCTRY2NT72.726
80FH 16 Alaka'i-JusticeG16FIELD4NT72.683
82Ravens 16 DeltaG16RAVBC1NT72.335
83EMV 16 National RoyalG16EAGMT2NT72.166
84Victory 16 Elite GrayG16VCTRY3NT72.060
85360 16 Kaos HollandG16SIXTY4NT71.995
86MVP 16 NationalG16MVPVC1NT71.949
87Skyline 16 Silver SoneG16SKYLN5NT71.690
88Sky High 16 BlackG16SKYHI1NT71.221
89TNT 16 BAEG16TNTLC1NT71.164
90Arsenal 16 BlueG16DAVBC2NT71.145
91Integrity 16 Intense Red G16INTEG2NT70.992
92360 16 Kaos RedG16SIXTY2NT70.797
94Power 16 PurpleG16POWER1NT70.629
95PVC 16 BlueG16PINEY1NT70.536
96Integrity 16 Club Blue G16INTEG3NT70.464
97Image 16 NationalG16TXIMG3NT70.281
98WF Elite 16 BlackG16WFELT1NT70.267
99Conquerors 16G16CONQR1NT69.916
100LVA 16 NationalG16LUNVA2NT69.784
101FWFIRE 161WG16FWFIR3NT69.647
102Peak 16 Blue AshleyG16PEVBA2NT69.476
103EXCEL 16N White BoysB16EXCEL2NT69.417
104EMV 16 Metro ErikaG16EAGMT4NT69.313
105Flyers 16 NAT-RichardG16FRFLY5NT69.176
107DN 16 WhiteG16DRIVE3NT68.812
108Vision 16 EXV BlueG16VIVBC1NT68.788
109Arete 16 SteelG16ARETE5NT68.292
110Victory 16 WhiteG16VCTRY4NT68.164
111Premier 16 WhiteG16PREMR4NT68.134
112Tyler Jrs 16G16TYLER1NT67.918
113East Texas 16BG16ETXJR1NT67.774
114Flyers 16 NAT-AlanG16FRFLY6NT67.742
115DIG 16 BlueG16DIGVB4NT67.378
116NRG 16 National WhiteG16NRGVC5NT67.193
117360 16 National BlackG16SIXTY5NT67.165
Wave 16 RipG16WAVBC1NT67.165
119CSA 16 RedG16CLUSA2NT66.990
120Elevate 16 WhiteG16COTTN3NT66.853
121Integrity 16 Club Red G16INTEG4NT66.832
122NRG 16 National NavyG16NRGVC4NT66.676
123IVC 16U NationalG16INFTY1NT66.553
124Tejas VBC 16 Red KurtisG16TEJAS4NT66.430
125IVC 16U RegionalG16INFTY2NT66.371
126Tyler Jrs 16 BlueG16TYLER2NT66.322
127Victory 16 GoldG16VCTRY5NT65.836
128WF Elite 16 WhiteG16WFELT2NT65.648
129Allegiant 16 RedG16ALLEG2NT65.532
130NET 16's BlackG16NETJR1NT65.210
131Image 16 EliteG16TXIMG4NT64.922
132Flyers 16 NAT-DanielG16FRFLY7NT64.819
133EMV 16 Metro SteveG16EAGMT5NT64.708
134FWFIRE 162WG16FWFIR4NT64.575
135Starlings 16 BlackG16STARL1NT64.234
136BVA 16'sG16WWVBC1NT63.847
137MVP 16 Regional BlackG16MVPVC2NT63.812
138DreamTeam 16U NationalG16FDVBC1NT63.159
139360 16 National RedG16SIXTY6NT62.912
140Ellis County 16 BlackG16ELLIS1NT62.302
141TxINV 16.2U-LisaG16INVSN2NT61.984
142Instinct 16 WildG16INSTN3NT61.660
143Wave 16 TideG16WAVBC2NT61.161
144TOV 16'sG16TITOC1NT60.917
145TNT 16 BlackG16TNTLC2NT60.657
146Flyers 16 REG-KayleeG16FRFLY8NT60.628
147Power 16 BlackG16POWER2NT60.448
148UEPA 16PG16UNTOU3NT60.032
149Rockwall Heat 16 GoldG16ROCKH2NT59.598
150DFW Elite 16's Blue G16DFTLE2NT59.265
151Allegiant 16 White G16ALLEG3NT59.256
152Image 16 UniversalG16TXIMG5NT58.484
153PVC 16 GarrisonG16PINEY2NT57.931
154TAV 16 Metro BlackG16TXADV14NT57.317
156813 Elite 16G16ELITE1NT55.716
157Nitro Heat 16sG16NITHT1NT55.344
159DIG 16 Boys BlackB16DIGVB1NT53.660
NRATVC 16 LegacyG16ATVBC2NT0.000
NRATVC 17 TitansG16ATVBC1NT0.000
NRAPV 16 National BlackG16ATPRV1NT0.000
NRBlocksport 16EG16BLOCK2NT0.000
NRClub 325 16U EliteG16C325V1NT0.000
NRPremier Boys 16 BlackB16PREMR1NT0.000
NRFit Lab Select 16G16FLSVB1NT0.000
NRGravity U16 Teal G16GAVBC1NT0.000
NRHallsville VC 16BlackG16HAVBC1NT0.000
NRHallsville VC 16BoysB16HAVBC1NT0.000
NRHallsville VC 16WhiteG16HAVBC2NT0.000
NRMadfrog 16N GoldG16FROGS6NT0.000
NRMUSVB 16 BlackG16MUSVB1NT0.000
NRNET 16's RedG16NETJR2NT0.000
NROutlaw 16 PurpleG16OUTVB1NT0.000
NRRVC 16 BlackG16RESVB1NT0.000
NRRIV 16 NationalG16RIVVB1NT0.000
NRRockwall Heat 16 IgniteG16ROCKH1NT0.000
NRTM 16-1G16TMPVB1NT0.000
NRTrinity Valley Jrs G16TRNTY1NT0.000
NRVL 16 CandaceG16VOLAB2NT0.000
NRVL 16 SeanG16VOLAB1NT0.000
NRWindthorst 16G16WINDT2NT0.000

 Open Liberty USA National American Freedom


Reset for new season has been done.
Preliminary Index dates for 2024/25 season will be posted once the schedule has been set.

Team Index Archive from prior seasons

Preliminary Index dates for 2023/24 season:

Nov 21thpre-season (12-18s)
Jan 12thFriday after 1st NTR bid
10+ days before 2nd NTR Bid
(pre-season for 11 and under)
Feb 2ndFriday after 2nd NTR bid
Feb 14th10 days before 3rd NTR bid
Mar 1stFriday after 3rd NTR bid
10 days before 4th NTR bid
Mar 21stThursday after 4th NTR bid
(Thu due to overlap with qualifiers)
Apr 17th10 days before McChesney
Apr 24th10 days before Regionals
May 10thafter Regionals
Preliminary Index dates for 2023/24 season will be added soon.

Pre-season index has been released.