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Reset for new season has been done.
Preliminary ranking dates for 2019/20 season will be posted once the schedule has been set.

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The lowest point earned for a tournament will no longer be excluded
For the 2018/2019 season fraction will only be added to the points of the first Bid event (MLK)

Preliminary ranking dates for 2019/20 season:
Nov 22ndpre-season (13-18s)
Jan 17th4 days after 1st NTR bid
(pre-season for 12 and under)
Jan 22th10 days before 2nd NTR Bid
Feb 7th4 days after 2nd NTR bid
Feb 13th10 days before 3rd NTR bid
Feb 28th4 days after 3rd NTR bid
Mar 20th10 days before 4th NTR bid
Apr 4th4 days after 4th NTR bid
Apr 17th10 days before McChesney
Apr 24th10 days before Regionals
May 9th4 days after Regionals
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