North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Rankings

Teams will only appear if tournament results have been submitted by the tournament director.
Please notify the Region Office if anything posted below is not accurate.

The lowest point earned for a tournament will no longer be excluded (as of 2016/2017)

Tournaments before the Region's first Bid tournament (MLK) will not be used in ranking.

Not all stops of Tour of Texas are included, see explanation text for details.

As of the 2016/2017 season, fraction will only be added to the points of the first Bid event (MLK)

The VSTAR Volleyball ranking system is intended to be a tool for ranking tournaments. The goal of the system is to give an earned value to teams who have played in events. The VSTAR system was set up to be a simple, easy to understand system that awards points based on where you finish an event and points relative to other teams in the field.

We use a simple algorithm that is set not by a human and changes during the season like several of the National systems.

It is impossible for any system to predict accurately the best teams because teams are playing in different events, a different number of events and different opponents.

The system has proven to be very accurate in getting teams in the appropriate neighborhood which enables the teams to win events and bragging rights "on the court," where it should be, not on some ranking system.