North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Seeding Index

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11 and Under, May 11th, 2023
1Madfrog 11N GreenG11FROGS1NT90.450
2MUSVB 11 BlackG11MUSVB1NT86.300
31United 11N CindyG111UNVB1NT86.025
4EXCEL 11N RedG11EXCEL1NT85.739
5Skyline 11 RoyalG11SKYLN1NT83.792
6Madfrog 11N WhiteG11FROGS3NT83.370
7Madfrog 11N BlackG11FROGS2NT81.717
8EXCEL 11 WhiteG11EXCEL2NT77.790
9Tejas VBC 11 BlackG11TEJAS1NT77.592
10FH 11 Alaka'i-ChelseaG11FIELD1NT77.325
11Skyline 11 WhiteG11SKYLN3NT76.718
12Arete 11 Navy EthosG11ARETE2NT76.489
13Skyline 11 BlackG11SKYLN2NT76.272
14TAV West 11 RoyalG11TXADV4NT76.180
15NRG 11 AMPD NavyG11NRGVC1NT76.127
16Integrity 11 IntenseG11INTEG1NT73.512
17Instinct 11 WildG11INSTN3NT72.866
18Elevate 11 BlueG11COTTN1NT72.152
19Arete 11 Navy TelosG11ARETE1NT71.128
201United 11R TomG111UNVB2NT70.717
21Flyers 11 APX-JohnG11FRFLY1NT70.335
24EMV 11 National BlackG11EAGMT1NT69.121
25TAV South Burleson 11-1G11TXADV5NT69.030
26PC Elite 11G11PCEVB1NT67.183
27EXCEL 11 BlueG11EXCEL3NT66.259
28Flyers 11 NAT-MattG11FRFLY2NT66.228
29Victory 11 Elite BlackG11VCTRY1NT65.298
30Tejas VBC 11 RedG11TEJAS2NT64.873
31Storm 11N WhiteG11STORM1NT63.893
32MUSVB 11 Green G11MUSVB2NT63.227
33IVC 11CG11INFTY1NT61.975
34Prosper Elite 11GG11PROEV1NT61.841
35DIG 11 BlackG11DIGVB1NT61.163
36TAV 11 BlackG11TXADV1NT60.794
37SLAM 11 Purple G11SLAMV1NT59.925
38WF Elite 11 BlackG11WFELT1NT59.771
39Arete 11 NavyG11ARETE3NT59.748
40Integrity 11 Club BlueG11INTEG2NT59.554
41NRG 11 Bolt NavyG11NRGVC2NT59.206
42Flyers 11 REG-PresleyG11FRFLY3NT58.738
43iCrush 11 BlackG11INCRU1NT58.720
45FH 11 Alaka'i-AdrianG11FIELD2NT58.534
46North Point 11 RegionalG11NORPT1NT58.225
47360 11 Regional BlackG11SIXTY1NT58.179
48WC-11 PinkG11WCREW3NT57.458
49DEAVB 11 BlueG11DEAVB1NT57.382
501United 10Metro CamG111UNVB3NT57.263
51DIG 11A PaigeG11DIGVB6NT56.725
52Integrity 11 Lim ClubG11INTEG3NT56.669
53MVP 11 RegionalG11MVPVC1NT56.546
54Madfrog 11E BlackG11FROGS7NT56.451
55Image 11 NationalG11TXIMG1NT56.290
56DIG 11A JustinG11DIGVB3NT55.975
57Madfrog 11E Green G11FROGS4NT55.785
58Power 11 PurpleG11POWER1NT55.639
59Windthorst 11G11WINDT1NT55.450
WC-11 EliteG11WCREW1NT55.450
6111 Windthorst AggressorsG11WINDT2NT55.056
62EMV 11 National RoyalG11EAGMT2NT54.878
63TNT 11 ImpactG11TNTLC1NT54.830
64Elevate 11 SilverG11COTTN2NT54.331
65TxINVSN 11UG11INVSN5NT53.952
66PVC 11 GarrisonG11PINEY1NT53.950
67Elevate 10 BlueG11COTTN3NT53.722
68Phantomz 11 MetroG11PTOMZ1NT53.595
69Integrity 11 Lim Cl RedG11INTEG5NT53.350
70ARGVC 11 RedG11ARGVC1NT53.265
71DIG 11A CarrieG11DIGVB2NT52.975
72Prosper Elite 11SG11PROEV2NT52.832
73Storm 11R PurpleG11STORM2NT52.787
74FH 11 Alaka'i-BeckyG11FIELD3NT52.772
75EXCEL 11 GoldG11EXCEL4NT52.655
76WC-11 BlackG11WCREW2NT52.450
77WF Elite 11 BlueG11WFELT2NT51.893
78Wave 11G11WAVBC1NT51.798
79TAV 11 Metro BlackG11TXADV6NT51.227
80DIG 11A JonG11DIGVB5NT51.063
81BTVBC Elite 11G11BTVBC1NT50.725
82Tejas VBC 11 WhiteG11TEJAS3NT50.438
83RCJV 11G11RCJRV1NT50.289
84Victory 11 GreenG11VCTRY2NT49.803
85WCJV 11'sG11WCJVC1NT48.919
87ACCV 11 local 11.2G11AIRCV2NT47.425
DEAVB 11 NeonG11DEAVB2NT47.425
89DIG 11A JordanG11DIGVB4NT46.450
NRiCrush 11 WhiteG11INCRU2NT0.000
NRNT Sample 11.1G11NTSCV1NT0.000
NRNT Sample 11.2G11NTSCV2NT0.000
NRSkyline 10 Club PrepG11SKYLN4NT0.000
NRWC-11 TurquoiseG11WCREW4NT0.000

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Reset for new season has been done.
Preliminary Index dates for 2021/21 season will be posted once the schedule has been set.

Team Index Archive from prior seasons
Preliminary Index dates for 2022/23 season:
Nov 21thpre-season (12-18s)
Jan 13thFriday after 1st NTR bid
10+ days before 2nd NTR Bid
(pre-season for 11 and under)
Feb 3thFriday after 2nd NTR bid
Feb 15th10 days before 3rd NTR bid
Mar 3rdFriday after 3rd NTR bid
10 days before 4th NTR bid
Mar 23thThursday after 4th NTR bid
(Thu due to overlap with qualifiers)
Apr 19th10 days before McChesney
Apr 26th10 days before Regionals
May 11thafter Regionals