North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Seeding Index

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17 and Under, May 11th, 2023
1TAV 17 BlackG17TXADV1NT99.238
2DN 17 RedG17DRIVE1NT98.864
3Skyline 17 RoyalG17SKYLN1NT98.808
4Madfrog 17N GreenG17FROGS1NT98.684
5Madfrog 17N BlackG17FROGS2NT96.669
6Arete 17 Navy TelosG17ARETE1NT96.295
7Skyline 17 BlackG17SKYLN2NT95.398
8TAV 17 BlueG17TXADV2NT95.113
9EXCEL 17 National RedG17EXCEL1NT94.679
10Image 17 BlackG17TXIMG1NT94.643
11Tejas VBC 17 BlackG17TEJAS1NT93.604
12Tejas VBC 17 Red TylerG17TEJAS3NT92.135
13Arete 17 Navy EthosG17ARETE2NT92.003
14ETA1 17 BlackG17ETA1V1NT91.742
15EXCEL 17 National WhiteG17EXCEL2NT90.974
161United 17N JeffG171UNVB1NT90.757
17Victory 17 Elite BlackG17VCTRY1NT90.473
18FH 17 Ikaika-Annette GG17FIELD1NT90.069
19Flyers 17 APX-BrianG17FRFLY2NT89.156
20NRG 17 AMPD NavyG17NRGVC1NT88.908
211United 17N GG171UNVB2NT88.119
22Summit 17 National BlueG17DSUMM1NT87.917
23iCrush 17 BlackG17INCRU1NT87.263
24Tejas VBC 17 Red JuliaG17TEJAS2NT87.115
25UEPA 17DG17UNTOU1NT86.161
26Flyers 17 APX-AndyG17FRFLY1NT85.408
27EXCEL 17N Red BoysB17EXCEL1NT84.906
28Arsenal 17 GoldG17DAVBC1NT83.682
29DN 17 BlackG17DRIVE2NT83.339
30Madfrog 17N WhiteG17FROGS3NT82.851
31Sky High 17 BlackG17SKYHI1NT80.561
32360 17 Kaos BlackG17SIXTY1NT79.726
33TAV West 17 RoyalG17TXADV4NT79.554
34TAV 17 GoldG17TXADV3NT79.327
35Image 17 RedG17TXIMG2NT79.266
36MUSVB 17 BlackG17MUSVB1NT79.144
37EXCEL 17 National BlueG17EXCEL3NT78.915
38Instinct 17 Wild GoldG17INSTN1NT78.661
39Flyers 17 APX-JohnG17FRFLY3NT77.193
41Ellis County Juniors VBC ECJ 17U BlackG17ELLIS17NT75.485
42Skyline 17 WhiteG17SKYLN3NT75.264
43LVA 17 EliteG17LUNVA1NT74.744
44Premier 17 BlackG17PREMR1NT74.277
45Ellis County 17 BlackG17ELLIS1NT74.171
46DN 17 WhiteG17DRIVE3NT73.745
47NET 17's BlackG17NETJR1NT73.320
48FWFIRE 171PG17FWFIR1NT72.988
49FH 17 Ikaika-MelissaG17FIELD2NT72.315
50Victory 17 Elite GreenG17VCTRY2NT71.701
51Allegiant 17 BlueG17ALLEG1NT70.590
52NRG 17 AMPD WhiteG17NRGVC2NT70.431
53Integrity 17 Intense BlueG17INTEG1NT70.372
54HJVC 17 REDG17HJVBC1NT69.962
55EMV 17 National BlackG17EAGMT1NT69.610
56Arsenal 17 BlueG17DAVBC2NT69.243
58WF Elite 17 NationalsG17WFELT1NT68.218
59Texas Titans 17 National G17TEXTI1NT67.935
61Tx Assault 17 BlackG17TXALT1NT67.301
62NRG 17 National WhiteG17NRGVC4NT66.549
63Arete 17 NavyG17ARETE3NT66.136
64Windthorst 17 G17WINDT1NT65.564
65CTV 17 EliteG17CTVVB1NT64.307
66NRG 17 National NavyG17NRGVC3NT63.861
67360 17 Kaos Red G17SIXTY2NT63.843
68IVC 17NG17INFTY1NT63.536
691United 17N KoG171UNVB3NT63.210
70Power 17 PurpleG17POWER1NT62.688
71PVC 17 PineG17PINEY1NT62.058
72Premier 17 CrimsonG17PREMR2NT61.757
73CSA 17 RedG17CLUSA2NT61.743
74Allstars 17s RedG17ASTAR2NT61.141
75Victory 17 GoldG17VCTRY3NT60.903
76Rockwall Heat 17 IgniteG17ROCKH1NT60.893
77Image 17 Nat.G17TXIMG3NT60.336
78Henderson Juniors Volleyball Club HJVC 17 REDG17HJVBC3NT60.098
79FWFIRE 172PG17FWFIR2NT59.795
80ATVC 17 AlphaG17ATVBC1NT59.729
81ACCV Black Elite travelG17AIRCV1NT59.705
82LVA 17 NationalG17LUNVA2NT59.166
83WF Elite 17 BlackG17WFELT2NT58.871
84FH 17 Alaka'i-JennaG17FIELD3NT58.810
85360 17 Kaos WhiteG17SIXTY3NT58.599
86Phoenix U 17.2G17PHXVB2NT58.571
87Flyers 17 APX-CharlesG17FRFLY4NT58.482
88Club 325 17UG17C325V1NT58.335
89SLAM 17 BlackG17SLAMV1NT58.333
90360 17.1G17SIXTY5NT58.300
91TNT 17 EliteG17TNTLC1NT58.126
92TAV South 17-1G17TXADV5NT57.576
93WC-17 EliteG17WCREW1NT57.519
94Tyler Jrs 17G17TYLER1NT57.472
95Allegiant 17 RedG17ALLEG2NT57.321
96Cross Court 17'sG17CROSS1NT57.296
97Henderson Juniors Volleyball Club HJVC 17 BlueG17HJVBC4NT56.895
98East Texas 17BG17ETXJR1NT56.878
99SNVC 17 BlackG17SUMNR1NT56.827
100Barefoot 17 NavyG17BFVBC19NT56.391
101WOJRs 17UG17WOJVC1NT55.628
103SC 17 NationalG17SCHVB1NT55.234
104Metro Heat 17-RedG17METRO1NT54.643
105SpikeZone VBC 17G17SPKZN1NT54.519
106Wave 17G17WAVBC1NT54.344
107Nitro Heat 17'sG17NITHT1NT53.487
108UEPA 17GG17UNTOU2NT53.402
109360 17 National BlackG17SIXTY4NT53.391
110Grit 17-BlackG17GRITV1NT53.216
111HJVC 17 BLUEG17HJVBC2NT52.710
112COVE 17G17COVEV1NT51.558
113HVC 17 EliteG17HAVBC1NT51.346
114IVC 17RG17INFTY2NT51.312
115Power 17 BlackG17POWER2NT50.858
116922 VC - 17UG17922VB99NT50.627
117Allegiant 17 SilverG17ALLEG4NT48.875
118TAV S Burleson 17-1G17TXADV8NT47.482
119Phantomz 17 RegionalG17PTOMZ1NT41.979
NRPhoenix VBC 17 BlackG17PHENX1NT0.000
NRProsper Elite17 GoldG17PROEV1NT0.000
NRTAV West 17 WhiteG17TXADV7NT0.000
NRWVC City View 17G17WINDT2NT0.000

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Reset for new season has been done.
Preliminary Index dates for 2021/21 season will be posted once the schedule has been set.

Team Index Archive from prior seasons
Preliminary Index dates for 2022/23 season:
Nov 21thpre-season (12-18s)
Jan 13thFriday after 1st NTR bid
10+ days before 2nd NTR Bid
(pre-season for 11 and under)
Feb 3thFriday after 2nd NTR bid
Feb 15th10 days before 3rd NTR bid
Mar 3rdFriday after 3rd NTR bid
10 days before 4th NTR bid
Mar 23thThursday after 4th NTR bid
(Thu due to overlap with qualifiers)
Apr 19th10 days before McChesney
Apr 26th10 days before Regionals
May 11thafter Regionals