North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
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Event:  NT All Stars: NTR Power Pool BID- REGISTER ON AES
Event Status:   CLOSED (Closed Manually by the Tournament Director)

* If the Tournament Status is "CLOSED" you can still register for this event under a "Waitlist" status.

Start Date: Mar 30, 2019
End Date: Mar 31, 2019
Registration End Date: Mar 9, 2019

Host (Club Affiliation):Blocksport
Event Location: DFW Metroplex Volleyball Sites
Event City: Dallas, TX
Registration site:
Contact Name: Tonia Price
Contact Phone: 469-226-2352

Detailed Information:
Detailed Information: This is an North Texas Region Bid Event. Only teams from the North Texas Region are allowed to participate in this event. This event will use the Power Pool format in the Open divisions in accordance with NTR Policy. 

Event Date: March 30 - 31, 2019  
Divisions: Ages 11u - 18u divisions                                                                                            
Registration Deadline: March 9, 2019
Tournament Registration:
Playing Site: DFW Metroplex Area. Sites for each division cannot be determined until after the Registration Deadline. Sites for each division will be decided and announced 16 days prior to the event. 
Schedule: Pool schedule will be posted the Tuesday prior to the event on AES .  Check Friday for any changes. The schedule is tenative until Friday. 
Format: Saturday Pool Play, Sunday Bracket. 10 sets guaranteed (including possible bye match per region policy). All teams will advance to Sunday bracket. Sunday brackets on AES the Friday before the event. Sunday brackets will be available at playing site. 

Tournament Contact: Tonia Price      469 226-2352    tprice@

This event handles team registration externally.
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