North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Ranking Archive

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10 and Under, 2017
1 Madfrog 10's National BlueFJ0FROGS1NT72.272
2 Madfrog 9's National BlueFJ0FROGS3NT55.108
3 Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club 10M RedFJ0FRFLY1NT55.043
4 Texas Pistols 10 BLACKFJ0TXPST1NT54.867
5 Madfrog 10's EliteFJ0FROGS2NT51.285
6 Rise Heat Volleyball Club 10U -FireFJ0RISEH1NT51.181
7 Arete Athletics 10 NavyFJ0ARETE1NT49.465
8 Arete Athletics 10 SteelFJ0ARETE2NT46.209
9 Tejas Volleyball Club 10.1FJ0TEJAS1NT42.233
10 Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club 10M BlackFJ0FRFLY2NT39.900