North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Rankings

This ranking list include ALL teams that have played in a tournament in our database.

Teams will only appear if tournament results have been submitted by the tournament director.
Please notify the Region Office if anything posted below is not accurate.

10 and Under, January 10th, 2022
1Madfrog 10N GreenG10FROGS1NT83.458
2Musc 10G10MUSVB1NT62.485
3Skyline 10 RoyalG10SKYLN1NT58.989
4Arete Jrs. 10 Navy TelosG10ARETE1NT55.493
5Arete Jrs. 10 NavyG10ARETE2NT51.998
NRiCrush 10 - GiovanniG10INCRU1NT0.000
NRSkyline 10 BlackG10SKYLN2NT0.000
NRDIG 10 BlackG10DIGVB1NT0.000
NRMadfrog 9N GreenG10FROGS3NT0.000
NRFlyers 10 Regional-DerekG10FRFLY2NT0.000
NRNRG 10 Bolt NavyG10NRGVC1NT0.000
NRWF Elite 10 BlackG10WFELT1NT0.000
NRElevate 10 BlueG10COTTN1NT0.000
NRPower 10 PurpleG10POWER1NT0.000
NRDIG 10 BlueG10DIGVB2NT0.000
NRMadfrog 10E GreenG10FROGS2NT0.000
NRFlyers 10 National-CamG10FRFLY1NT0.000
NRIntegrity 10 Lim ClubG10INTEG1NT0.000
NREMV 10 BlackG10EAGMT1NT0.000
NRWF Elite 10 BlueG10WFELT2NT0.000

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