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North Texas Region Rankings

This ranking list include ALL teams that have played in a tournament in our database.

Teams will only appear if tournament results have been submitted by the tournament director.
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10 and Under, March 25th, 2021
1Madfrog 10N GreenG10FROGS1NT81.835
2Skyline 10 RoyalG10SKYLN1NT77.688
4Victory 10 BlackG10VCTRY1NT73.405
5Flyers 10 N-CamG10FRFLY1NT72.577
6TAV 10 BlackG10TXADV1NT67.829
7Skyline 10 BlackG10SKYLN2NT66.438
8Madfrog 10E GreenG10FROGS2NT65.300
9Arete Jrs. 10 NavyG10ARETE1NT59.773
10Flyers 10 R-DerekG10FRFLY2NT58.142
11Tejas VBC 10 BlackG10TEJAS1NT52.579
12Madfrog 9N GreenG10FROGS3NT51.079
NRIntegrity 10 Lim ClubG10INTEG1NT0.000

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