North Texas Region, USA Volleyball
North Texas Region Rankings

This ranking list include ALL teams that have played in a tournament in our database.

Teams will only appear if tournament results have been submitted by the tournament director.
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10 and Under, February 25th, 2019
1Madfrog 10N GreenFJ0FROGS1NT85.425
2EXCEL 10 RedFJ0EXCEL1NT83.750
3Flyers 10N-AlexFJ0FRFLY1NT72.433
4Madfrog 10N BlackFJ0FROGS2NT71.642
5Skyline 10 RoyalFJ0SKYLN1NT68.583
6EMV 10 Adidas BlackFJ0EAGMT1NT64.419
7LoneStar 10 RedFJ0LSTAR1NT60.656
8TAV 10 BlackFJ0TXADV1NT58.829
910 NACFJ0TYLER1NT55.738
10Celina Flyers 10-OrangeFJ0FRFLY3NT55.500
11EXCEL 10 WhiteFJ0EXCEL2NT55.000
12Madfrog 9N GreenFJ0FROGS3NT53.819
13Flyers 10M-DanFJ0FRFLY4NT53.463
14Flyers 10M-ScottFJ0FRFLY2NT52.713
15Extreme 10 BlackFJ0NWEVB1NT50.425
NRVictory 9 Black FJ0VCTRY1NT0.000

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