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North Texas Region Rankings
This ranking list include all teams that have played in a tournament in our database.

Teams will only appear if tournament results have been submitted by the tournament director.
Please notify the Region Office if anything posted below is not accurate.

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  • 10's

10 and Under, May 11th, 2018

1Madfrog 10N BlueFJ0FROGS1NT78.375
2Flyers 10R-AlexFJ0FRFLY1NT72.233
3NRG 10 RoyalFJ0NRGVC1NT68.570
5Arete Jrs. 10 NavyFJ0ARETE1NT58.469
6TAV 10 BlackFJ0TXADV1NT58.318
7Madfrog 10E GoldFJ0FROGS2NT58.225
8EXCEL 10 RedFJ0EXCEL1NT57.183
9JAM 10 Lil JammersFJ0JAMVC1NT50.967
10Extreme 10 BlackFJ0NWEVB1NT50.935
11Flyers 10MetroFJ0FRFLY2NT50.217
12Arete Jrs. 10 SteelFJ0ARETE2NT50.065
13Madfrog 9N BlueFJ0FROGS3NT48.984

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